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this year was very much characterised by a commitment to the further development of our funeral and cemetery culture.

In order to give you an impression and a comprehensive overview of all activities and measures, we have compiled a comprehensive information package which you can view and download here.

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Impressions: Congress »Healing Farewells«


Raum für Trauer –
Erkenntnisse und Herausforderungen

Dieser Band stellt Forschungsergebnisse und psychologische Analysen in den Mittelpunkt, die zeigen, dass bei der Bewältigung von Trauer, heute die Individualität der Hinterbliebenen in den Vordergrund tritt und welche Rolle hierbei der Friedhof zu erfüllen hat. Im Mittelpunkt steht dabei die zentrale Bedeutung, die der „aktive Umgang“ mit Trauer und somit auch der „aktive Umgang“ mit dem Trauer- und Beisetzungsort auf dem Friedhof hat.

Editor: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Friedhof und Denkmal e.V., Kassel
ISBN: 978-3-924447-56-4
Price: 22,80 Euro incl. VAT.

Acht Thesen zur Trauerkultur im Zeitalter der Individualität


Which places does the mourning need? Which rituals help? How do other people or cultures deal with grief?

The online magazine Trauer Now provides answers and enables new clarity. We shed light on the topic in all its facets. We show solutions and inspire how salutary mourning can be achieved when saying goodbye to a human being.

Impressions: PR campaigns for – Death clock

Impressions: PR campaigns for – Projections on building facades

Impressions: PR campaigns for – Citylights

Impressions: PR campaigns for – Posters

Impressions: Student competition »Space for mourning – re-thinking the cemetery«

The next steps under the coordination of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Friedhof und Denkmal - Seminars & Workshops (Draft)

Further education offers for all those working at the cemetery

From 2020, the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Friedhof und Denkmal e.V.", together with its partners, will be coordinating various seminar modules for the various departments of the cemetery workers.

The aim of these seminars and workshops is to make the contents of the project "Room for mourning - re-think cemetery" accessible and accessible to all those interested. The events should contribute to the fact that the cemetery managers can realize the further development of the cemeteries competently and confidently. Also adjoining departments of politics and health care get the opportunity to train themselves and to contribute to the further development.

Target groups:

  • Political, municipal and church decision-makers
  • Planners
  • Administrator
  • Undertaker
  • Stonemason
  • Cemetery gardeners
  • Grief counselors
  • Staff of hospices and nursing homes
  • Employees of health authorities and health insurance companies


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Death clock | Trauer Now

Every 33 seconds a person dies in Germany*
Where with all the sadness?

* 954,874 deaths in 2018, Source: Federal Statistical Office

Zur Sterbeuhr

Mourning rituals and coping with grief

Some people say that death only came into existence when humankind became self-aware. In other words: death has a more real meaning for humans than for any other living creature because we are the only ones that know about it. The ever-constant threat of death prevents us, as humans, from leading questionable, tedious lives. And yet every death is a unique event.

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Coping with grief

Changes in mourning culture

Marking a grave is our attempt, as human beings, to preserve the deceased’s identity and keep the memories of them alive. Nevertheless, many memorials today have the same layout and often seem somewhat anonymous. And yet anonymity presents an obstacle if a memorial is meant to keep memories of a special person alive.

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Mourning culture in cemeteries