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We realize commissioned works by internationally renowned artists, customized products in the fields of design, art and architecture as well as major international projects. And this in fourth generation!
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As a familiy-owned company in the fourth generation, we stand for tradition in handcraft. We have dedicated ourselves to the art of casting for over a century and are proud to pass on our dedication from generation to generation.

Sacred art at Strassacker

Sacred art

Strassacker designs and realises grave memorials and design elements for a contemporary, innovative tombstone culture. These are long-lasting symbols that convey memories, tell stories, create a place of interaction, invite thoughts and speak of the individuality of the deceased. Sacred art has traditionally been the company's central field of business.

With the design and realisation of individual grave memorials, Strassacker wants to contribute to creating a comforting place for the bereaved. This is always done in the knowledge that our products can contribute to providing positive support to mourners as they come to terms with their grieving loss.

For this purpose, Strassacker cooperates with leading stonemasons from Germany and abroad. As a result, Strassacker is able to continuously develop its design expertise and create innovative products for the sacred market.

Edition Strassacker


Contemporary art has been an important focus of our work since the Strassacker art foundry was founded 100 years ago. Our Edition Strassacker collection includes works by internationally renowned artists who trust in our craftsmanship to realise their artistic ideas.

The sculptures are created in our workshops in Süßen according to strict specifications and in close co-operation with the artists. These are strictly limited editions, in the production of which our artists go to the limits of what is possible at times, but always put all their care, knowledge and skills at the service of the artists. This results in exceptional works for art lovers and collectors.

Create artistic accents in your home and garden with works from the Strassacker Atelier. Our garden sculptures allow you to add life to your garden beyond the world of plants: The often life-like replicas of animal inhabitants can be used to compose small, expressive scenes and tell stories.

From classic to modern, naturalistic to surrealistic - experience and enjoy the unique charisma and effect of these works of art in our online gallery or request our printed catalogues for free.

Manufaktur Strassacker


Manufaktur Strassacker is a division within the Strassacker company that utilises the entire competence of the art foundry and realises all custom-made products in the fields of design, art and architecture.