Patina in interior design

Interior design with patinated brass

Interior design is especially important to architects and planners. Design, and the harmony between design elements, plays a significant role.

Brass is a precious material with a long-standing tradition in high-status interiors. It is special because of its unique patina – the way the surface of the metal is treated. Originally, this much-coveted patina developed thanks to wind, weather and the touch of thousands of human hands. Today, elegantly patinated brass provides the finishing touch to superior rooms. In a contemporary setting, this material has a wholly unique aesthetic charm.

Strassacker utilizes various micrographs and methods of adding patina in its different departments. Through these structures and refined color nuances, surfaces can be processed individually and accurately. Patinated brass by Strassacker has been used in displays for fashion boutiques, in wall, ceiling and floor panels, and on doors, portals and facades.

Patinated steel – a new design aesthetic

Timelessness was the non plus ultra in interior design for a long time, preserved through polished materials and clear lines. Contemporary design of objects and spaces is again focusing on rediscovering the patina.

To this end, Strassacker has developed a completely unique material: patinated steel. Its extraordinarily attractive qualities are tailor-made for designs meeting the highest of creative standards.

Patina is added to the surface using old recipes. The resulting oxides bloom with colors ranging from rust red to dark green. Each of the finished metal sheets is a distinctive work of art, with structures that appear three-dimensional and bathed in warm hues. Chance is the master of the unicum.

Black steel in interior design

The blue-toned shimmer of burnished steel conjures up an array of associations. We all know this material from its use in mechanical and tool engineering, in watch casings and as the famous "blue steel" in handguns.

Strassacker offers black steel in large formats. The subtle energy of this deep black surface was made for extraordinary interior design. As a material it is suitable for adorning walls, ceilings and columns, as well as for shelves, panels and consoles.

Strassacker is happy to realize your ideas.

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