Andrea Kraft

Andrea Kraft currently lives in Dortmund as a freelance artist, there she studied object design at the "University of Applied Science" with study visits in Greece, France and the USA. In the field of "sculpural design" she has worked as a lecturer for many years, so it is no wonder that her works thematize space or the interaction between object and space. Kraft's large-sized objects play with the space and its limits, leaning against the wall, they create their own spacious environment. Quite deliberately, Andrea Kraft gave her sculptures speaking titles. On one hand they reflect abstracted sculptures, on the other also deep metaphors for basic human feelings.

Exhibitions (selection):

2006 Ostwall Museum, Dortmund Galerie Bund 66, Shanghai, China

2007 ArtExpo, Antwerpen, Belgien

2008 Art-Moment, Diepenheim, Niederlande

2008 Open House, Kunsthalle-Speicher, Münster

2009 KunstQuadrate, ContemporaryArtRuhr, Essen

2009 Galerie Flohr, Mallorca, Spain

2010 Galerie auf Zeit, Westfälischer Künstlerbund, Dortmund

2011 ContemporaryArtRuhr, Zeche Zollverein, Essen

2011 "Einblicke", Städtische Galerie Torhaus, Dortmund

2012 Art Karlsruhe mit Galerie Art-Isotope

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