Ernst Fuchs

1930 Born in Vienna on February 13.

1945 Studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts with Professor Albert Paris

1948 Founded the “Viennese School of Fantastic Realism” together with Arik Brauer, Wolfgang Hutter, Rudolph Hausner and Anton Lehmden

1950 Ernst Fuchs settled in Paris where he lived and worked for twelve years

1957 Traveled to Israel, icon painting; His goal is to promote understanding between Jews and Christians

1963 Returned to Vienna; Ernst Fuchs opened a gallery which became a center for the devotees of fantastic realism

1970 Begun making sculptures made out of bronze, silver, granite and artificial resin

1973 Acquired the Otto-Wagner-Villa in Hütteldorf near Vienna

1974-1978 Produced works for film and stage

1978 Wrote philosophical essays and poems

1980-1988 Individual international exhibitions

1988 Retrospective in Venice; Opening of the Ernst Fuchs private museum in the Otto-Wagner-Villa

1992 Completed the outdoor work on the Nymphaeum Omega water temple
Major Ernst Fuchs retrospective in St. Petersburg, Russia

1993 Overall artistic direction of work on the Church of St. James in Thal (near Graz)

1994 Sanctification of the Church of St. James (near Graz)

2015 died on 9 november 2015


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