Filip Moroder Doss

Filip Moroder Doss is Ladin, i.e a member of the small Roman-speaking group that lives in the northern part of Italy that speaks the Ladin language. He is the son of the famous sculptor Henry Moroder Doss, from whom he learned his craft and with whom he worked together. His brother Paul, also works actively as an artist, together they work in a large studio.

Moroder Doss works with a variety of materials: wood, marble, steel, bronze and crystal. All these expressive materials stand to his disposal. The artist's work is strongly influenced by the region from which he originated. The myths and legends that surround his origin have helped shape his work.

Exhibitions (selection):

2002 Sakrale Werke in Aubing – Munich

2003 "Lijënda" im Ladinischen Museum, Vigo di Fassa (TN)

2004 Alpskoliseum in Neumarkt

2005 Proart Gallerie Sekanina Ferrara Hartberg (A)

2006 "Aquanitis" im Ladinischen Museum, St. Martin in Thurn

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