Maria-Luise Bodirsky

Maria-Luise Bodirsky completed her state exams (in visual arts, German and psychology) which she did at the "college of Education" (Pädagogischen Hochschule) in Freiburg. After that Bodirsky continued her studies in painting and sculptural figures. She also attended various seminars and courses with internationally renowned artists and professors. In 1986, she founded her own ceramic studio in Oberrotweil next to Kaiserstuhl.

Since then, she has created an extensive range of sculptural works, with her central theme being the human development, vulnerability, transience and beauty. Her preferred working material is clay, which she uses to build and model her work with. She burns her objects in the atelier electric oven, but has also used the simplest traditional firing techniques such as wood-fired earth pits. However, she also lets selected works be cast in bronze, iron or aluminium.

Exhibitions (selection):

1988 XI. Biennale Internationale de Céramique d‘Art, Vallauris

1993 "Tremblement de Terre" Europäische Keramikausstellung, Mulhouse

1997 "Weibsbilder", Ausstellung der Stadt Naila

1998 "2. Skulpturenweg" der Stadt Staufen

1999 "Terra Art International", Offenburg

2000 "Übergänge", Trinitatiskirche Bonn

2002 "Frau sieht Frau", Tanzpalast und Kulturzentrum, Basel

2005 1. Prix du Salon des Beaux Arts, Art Colmar 1. Prix "Coup de Cœur des Artistes Sculpteurs", Art Colmar

2006 3. Trienal Internacional de Tile Cerámico, Museo de Arte Moderna, Santo Domingo, Dominikische Republik

2007 Internationale Kunstmesse Innsbruck

2008 "Vita e Amore", Art Gallery, Badalucco, Italy

2010 4. Trienal Internacional de Tile Cerámico, Museo de Arte Moderna, Santo Domingo, Dominikanische Republik "In Family Unity is the Unity of the world"

2013 Ekaterinburg Art Foundation, Ekaterinburg, Chanty-Mansijsk, Moscow

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