Ralf Ehmann

Ralf Ehmann studied sculpture and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart from 1989 to 1996. Since then, he has also been involved in all these aspects: as a painter and printmaker, he knows how to express himself as well as a sculptor or modeller.

Ehmann often thinks in cycles; in ever new variations, he explores subjects that fascinate him. Hölderlin and Mörike were such subjects, so was the singer Victor Jara who was murdered by the Chilean military. Ehmann also illustrated literature or commented drawings of classics such as Schiller's Robbers.

Here, as in his sculptural work, he is a master of suggestion, of the little notes and the presentation of the brief moments. Yet his art can be described as 'idea art'; it wants to convey a familiar and simple understandable visual language. Ehmann's sculptural work revolves around the human theme, which he is able to display in all its vulnerable forms when he creates them out of raw granite.

Exhibitions (selection):

1996 Theaterhaus – Stuttgart

1996 Galerie X – Reutlingen

1997 Galerie in der Psy. Klinik – Tübingen

1998 Landestheater – Tübingen

1999 Museum der Stadt Lauffen – Lauffen

2000 Skulptur Eugen Bolz – Denkmal Rottenburg

2000 Skulpturenweg – Buchet

2002 Rathaus – Mössingen

2002 Stadtmuseum – Nürtingen

2002 Skulpturen im Schlosshof – Tübingen

2004 Theater Lindenhof – Melchingen

2004 Galerie forum – Trillfingen

2004 Stadthalle – Blaubeuren

2004 Mörike-Museum – Cleversulzbach

2004 Stadtmuseum – Nürtingen

2004 Kulturforum – Bad Mergentheim

2005 Galerie Temporär – Calw

2007 Studiengalerie – Ludwigsburg

2008 Kulturhalle Tübingen Labyrinthos Mörike – Museum Cleversulzbach

2009 Skulpturen Klosterhof Maria Berg

2009 Maison d’Art Bourgogne du Sud et Jardin de Sculptures, Marcigny, France

2010 Landschaftspark Rechberghausen

2010 Galerie Pupille – Reutlingen

2010 Landratsamt Glashalle – Tübingen

2012 Galerie Sculptur – Bamberg

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