Renato Montanaro

Of Italian origin, Renato MONTANARO was born and lives in Mulhouse. A former Beaux Arts de Mulhouse student, in 1986 he embarked on courses in Basel (Switzerland), working initially only on sculpture before devoting himself to painting. Nonetheless, sculpture remains his preferred means of expression.

Finding his place in figuration libre, he borrows the handling of sacred figures – the portrait and the nude – from traditional painting. A subtle and successful blend of past and modernity, real and ideal, profane and sacred, which he brings together in audacious harmony. While humour and parody are omnipresent in his works, they in no way detract from the rigour and the mastery of his technique.

Renato Montanaro is a seeker and an inventor. He is renowned for the originality of his sculptures and the audacity of his pictorial vocabulary. He works in sequences, approaching a topic with passion, handling it with imagination whilst looking for innovative and seductive sculptural formulae.

The interest he applies to shape and colour, from which he draws renewed effects every time, makes his painting elegant and distinguished, his sculpture delicate and generous.


2008 [Galerie de l’Arsenal] Nancy

2007 [Galerie Chercheurs d’Art] Metz

2007 [Galerie Art Partners] Paris

2007 [Galerie Elisabeth Couturier] Bourgoin-Jallieu

2007 [AD Galerie] Béziers

2006 [Galerie Courant d’Art] Mulhouse

2006 [Galerie Rendez-vous] Straßburg

2005 [Palais des Comtes de Provence] Brignoles

2004 [‘Don Giovanni’ im ehemaligen Kloster ‘Les Dominicains’] Guebwiller

2003 [Galerie Arte Viva] Paris

2003 [Galerie Léonart] Basel

2002 [Galerie Rendez-vous] Straßburg

2001 [Anfertigung von 5 Skulpturen aus Kunstharz für die Stadt] Mulhouse

2000 [Galerie Léonart] Basel

2000 [Galerie Courant d’Art] Mulhouse

1999 [Galerie Klein Hammer] Basel

1998 [Galerie Rendez-vous] Straßburg

1998 [Galerie Arte Viva] Paris

1998 [Galerie Brune] Colmar …

1998 [Galerie Singer] Erstein

1997 [Galerie UKB] Lyon


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