Rüdiger Schwenk

After graduating from high school, Rüdiger Schwenk completed an apprenticeship in stone sculpture (Steinbildhauerausbildung). His studio and workshop are located in Laichingen on the Swabian Alb. It is the place that is partially responsible for his artistic development. Here he spent the years after his apprenticeship to systematically learn about the history of art, always with the special view of the sculptor, who seeks not only motivic excitation, but also admired the variety of historical techniques. Schwenk began to acquire the old techniques for himself and continuously builds his craft repertoire.

He works with stone, wood and bronze, and for him it is important that many of his works reflect the "realistic transmission of the human form."

Important exhibitions (selection):

2008 Galerie Fiedrowicz, Berlin

2010 Tai Chi Zentrum Heber, Neu-Ulm

2011 Kunstraum, Laichingen

2011/2012 Sparkasse Ulm / Laichingen

2011 Galerie Eppli, Stuttgart

2012 Stadthaus Ulm

2013 Ev. Diakonissenanstalt Stuttgart

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