Winfried Tränkner

Winfried Tränkner studied sculpture at the Fine Art School in Nürtingen under the tutelage of K.H. Türk from 1979 to 1982. Since 1982, he has been working as a freelance sculptor. Tränkner works with stone, wood and bronze. His range extends from small sculptures to expansive fountain sculptures, from humorous scenes to naturalistic portraits.

Works in public spaces (selection):

Kriegerdenkmal, Friedhof Ohmden

Fountain with bronze figures, Oberensingen

Fountain with bronze figures, Kirchheim/Teck, Nabern

Fountain with bronze figures, Bissingen/Teck, Ochsenwang

Life-size bronze sculpture, Weilheim/Teck, Öhrich

Foutain sculpture in stone, Niederhofen

Life-size wood sculpture, Kirchheim/Teck, St. Hedwig

Fountain with bronze figures, Oberiflingen, Kreis Freudenstadt

Bronze figures, Gemeinde Schlat

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