1962 Born in Janowice (Poland)

1981 Entry into Germany

1983-1985 Attended the Sculpture School Freiburg and subsequently worked in various workshops

1985-1988 Took part in various sculpture workshops

Since 1989 he has been working in his own workshop, favouring the materials of bronze, stone and steel

Exhibitions (selection):

1989 Pallatin Wiesloch

1990 Insel Mainau

1992 Bahnhofgalerie Sipplingen

1997 Walldorf

1999 Heidelberg

2000 Pitt Island, New Zealand

2000 Art Center Christchurch, New Zealand

2001 Waitangi Chatham, Island

2001 Pitt Island, New Zealand

2011 Biennale Montone, Italy

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