Training at Strassacker Art Foundry

Strassacker offers apprenticeships

Training young colleagues is essential to the future of any company. At Strassacker, we know this to be true. Strassacker has trained apprentices ever since it was founded, and has built a reputation as a skilled trainer that extends beyond regional boundaries.

Strassacker also participates in examination and state exam committees, and is involved with the Board of Education (BIV). Our company has played a vital role in ensuring that craft-related professions are recognized as apprenticeship professions under the Skilled Trades Act.

Strassacker trains apprentices in the following areas:

  • Metal and bell caster - specializing in art casting (formerly known as art molder/caster)
  • Metalworker – specializing in chasing technology (formerly known as chaser)
  • Industrial clerk

Training at Strassacker
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Metalworker job profile: specializing chasing technology

A metalworking apprenticeship takes three years and ends with an officially recognized test. To be eligible for this apprenticeship you must have a school leaving certificate (equivalent to Hauptschulabschluss or Realschulabschluss). Strassacker offers apprenticeships specializing in the chasing technology.

Typical tasks include:

  • Finishing the surface of metals
  • Molding and designing sheets of metal and figurative representations
  • Producing models for technically advanced and traditional casting methods
  • Manufacturing individually customized craft tools for your own professional use, such as chasing hammers, hallmarks and chisels

Once you have completed an appropriate amount of work experience at Strassacker, you may be given the opportunity for further training to become a master craftsman, industrial foreman or engineer. If you hold a degree or technical college qualification, you can also choose to pursue an engineering diploma at a technical college or technical university.

On the occasion of the Day of Craft Steven "The Englishman" of DIE NEUE 107.7 visited us on behalf of the Chamber of Crafts in Stuttgart and got an insight into the job of a metalworker.

Metal and bell caster job profile: specializing in art and bell casting technology

A metal and bell caster apprenticeship, specializing in art and bell casting technology, takes three years and ends with an officially recognized test. As well as a school leaving certificate (equivalent to Hauptschulabschluss), candidates must enjoy working with molding materials as well as solid and liquid metals, and also handling wood and plastics.

There are various options for further training on completing the apprenticeship. These include a master craftsman qualification, training as a technician or a degree in a design-related discipline.

Industrial clerk job profile

This commercial training program takes three years and ends with an officially recognized test. To be eligible you must hold a school leaving certificate and have good grades in math, German and English.

Typical tasks include:

  • Advising customers
  • Cost accounting, costing, financial accounting, invoicing and dunning
  • Sales and marketing

During this training you will learn about the wide range of activities performed in a dynamic, international company. Depending on the department where you are placed, you could get to know our customers, post invoices, maintain our IT system or work with colleagues on a new marketing strategy.

There are several options for further training on successful completion of this program. These include, for example, advanced training to become a certified industrial business administrator, accountant or business economist.