Potential uses for bronze art in companies

Bronze art sets individual accents

Each artwork is an individual creation. To achieve its full effect, it needs to complement its surroundings. Not only should it make the area more attractive, it should set accents. The possibilities in terms of functions and presentation are practically endless.

As well as artworks in bronze, companies frequently opt for objects made in patinated steel and brass. Contemporary design of objects and spaces is once more focusing on rediscovering the patina.

The possibilities are diverse and range from entire walls or ceilings in precious metals through to furniture. Every patina is inimitable and lends a certain uniqueness to the space.

Take advantage of Strassacker’s experience to realize the interplay between artistic and design expressiveness and traditional craftsmanship - showcase your company’s individual style. There are so many potential uses for bronze art in companies. Explore your options now and contact us.


Interior and functional elements

Functional building components, such as gates, portals and railings made of precious metals, are a guarantee of stability and significance. They have been used for hundreds of years in buildings, large and small. But there are other ways to add value to your company building, such as lamps inside and out, or mailboxes in bronze.

There are no limits when it comes to incorporating precious metals into interior design. Several options for your inspiration:

  • Lobby/reception (e.g. counters)
  • Metallic elements integrated into floors, or entire rooms with brass floors
  • Wall and ceiling elements made of bronze
  • Tables and other furniture made of precious metals
  • Patterned metal panels as magnetic boards and artworks

Sculptures, busts and shields

Sculptures, large models, busts and shields or crests in bronze represent your organization. In line with your specifications, the artwork can emphasize your company’s special features or key personalities.

Whether you want a portrait bust of a company founder or a large sculpture, such as the brass roll in Metzingen in front of the HUGO BOSS building, bronze art adds value to your company’s outward appearance.


Small business owners can gift customers with thoughtful accessories made of bronze, or award them to employees as a sign of appreciation.

Example accessories:

  • Miniature sculptures
  • Name plates
  • Letter openers
  • Keyrings and much more


Strassacker realizes honorary awards for various occasions in gold, silver or bronze. We realize trophies, awards and medals based on your own ideas or finished models. These are available as one-offs or as series. We are happy to advise on your award.

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Andreas Friedel

Andreas Friedel
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