Restoration work at Strassacker

As a material, bronze is practically indestructible, even over millennia. But works of art and memorials made of bronze in public spaces are subject to more wind, weather and vandalism than usual. Find information about the Strassacker restoration service so that your artwork remains a jewel in the public realm.

Cleaning and restoring historic sculptures requires maximum sensitivity and experience. We are a trusted partner to many independent experts thanks to our active maintenance of ancient traditional crafts in our business.

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Joachim Sing
Sales Director


Strassacker service portfolio:

  • Restoring copper and aluminum alloys
  • Cleaning metallic surfaces using cutting-edge technology
  • Adding patinas through decades of art foundry experience
  • Conserving metal surfaces using special waxes and coatings
  • Reconstructing lost segments in accordance with historical documentation
  • Producing casts in bronze, aluminum, brass, silver and nickel silver
  • Making impressions to safeguard original casts

Restoration using dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting is especially suitable for the gentle cleaning of surfaces that need to be protected. Fast and eco-friendly removal of graffiti, mildew, limescale, dirt and organic substances. The only consideration when working with dry ice is the high levels of noise.

Benefits of dry ice blasting:

  • Cleaning on-site without dismantling the sculpture
  • No erosion of the original surface
  • Highly accurate cleaning into the smallest gaps
  • Kind to the planet - when sprayed, the blasting agent immediately converts to its gaseous form and leaves no residue in the environment.

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Joachim Sing

Joachim Sing
Sales Director



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Do you have any questions? We'll be pleased to answer them.


Philipp Zessner
Manager - Sales and Development