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Atelier Strassacker

Strassacker gives artists various types of support. When an artist chooses to work with Strassacker, they have the opportunity to follow and have a say in the entire art casting process in Süßen.

Atelier Strassacker is particularly popular, where various Strassacker artists and experts work together hand in hand. By appointment, artists can take advantage of all the technical possibilities and rely on the experience of our specialists. They have access to and are supported by professional experts in several disciplines: designers, artists, engineers, chasers and patina experts.

Welcome to the guest house

Max Strassacker’s former home has been refurbished as a guest house for artists. If you, as an artist, do not manage to complete work on a single day, then the guest house is at your disposal for accommodation, breakfast and lunch.

The guest house is located right next to the Strassacker production department, which are also home to the foundry and the atelier. Wifi is available free of charge for artists. Contact with artists is important to everyone at Strassacker. Producing commissioned works in art casting is a unique experience here because artists can follow the entire production process. We see the guest house as a service that makes it easier for you to supervise the production process.

Event concepts

Our goal is to give artists an opportunity to present themselves and their work to an interested audience. We also want to give art enthusiasts the chance to come into direct contact with artists and their work.

Activities and events we employ to this end include:

  • Symposia and exhibitions in our departments
  • Projects relating to art and design with art-based vocational colleges

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Andreas Friedel

Andreas Friedel
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