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What is a memorial?

Memorials are a way of staying in touch with the deceased after death. Memories of a person need a foothold. A marker, a stone on a grave, work as a symbol of permanence. It gives us a chance to honor the deceased, not only with a name and dates, but also with words and images.

Firmly anchored to this earth, a memorial mainly signifies the present. As a sign of grieving and loss, it takes the place of the deceased.

The grave gives the relatives and friends the opportunity to remember the deceased. The tomb is the place of remembrance and a place of grief. The grave design (symbols) and rituals give the survivors the opportunity to perform active mourning. It is often forgotten that actions on the grave, as well as the traditional tomb care, can be a salutary and helpful mourning ritual.

The Art Foundry Strassacker stands for a modern and individualized tomb design.

Design expertise at Strassacker

How can we help the bereaved experience the cemetery as a place of remembrance, peace and comfort? This is the key question faced by those involved in the creation of sacred art. Strassacker designs elements for grave markers that evoke memories, tell stories, trigger thoughts and express the deceased’s individuality.

To this end, Strassacker works with leading national and international stonemasons who are experts in design. We are dedicated to continuously improving our design skills and to developing innovative products for the sacred art market.

Inscriptions for memorials

Lettering design helps create attractive grave markers that deliver major impact. In text we see words and messages that bring us closer to the deceased, trigger thoughts, evoke memories and can give a real sense of support. An inscription sets out the name on a memorial, lending the location something personal and something binding.

The expressiveness of text creates a touch point with the deceased. The more that can be expressed through an inscription on a memorial, the stronger the significance for the bereaved. Strassacker presented the new, innovative architecture lettering in the summer of 2013.

Lettering architecture in stone

Uncover new possibilities and maximize creativity - those are the goals for the new Strassacker lettering architecture. Although headstone inscriptions were previously used as a means of providing information, they now serve to create space and structure. This opens up new possibilities for more diverse, personal and individual design.

Powerful or subtle, sometimes even fragile – the three-dimensional aspect lends an exciting appeal to the inscription itself and its spatial arrangement. Combining this with stone makes it tell a story. Stone is no longer just a background for text. Stone and lettering together form a whole.

Small grave markers - individuality in small spaces

The format and size of grave markers is often prescribed for many alternative forms of burial, such as interment on lawns, in columbaria or under trees. This means there are fewer options for individual design given the limitations on materials. Unfortunately people typically opt for a very simple solution, along the lines of “Square. Practical. Cheap”. Good design is not even an option in these cases. Strassacker has seized on the challenge of realizing well-designed and worthy grave markers for small-scale memorials.

Strassacker has developed grave markers that comply with the formal guidelines for various sizes of memorial. At the same time they allow for high-quality personal and individual elements - despite the lack of space. These smaller grave markers are a first step towards embedding a personable individuality in these often dreary memorials. Grave markers can fulfill their role as a place of remembrance, even in a smaller space.

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