Traditional craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology

Working at Strassacker Art Foundry

Since its founding in 1919, Strassacker Art Foundry has been a family-run business. It is an international enterprise and employs more than 500 people at its head office and at a subsidiary in France.

The company has been realizing art objects in various materials for almost 100 years. And yet every one of our colleagues is always fascinated to see how a bronze sculpture emerges.

We are dedicated to maintaining and developing specialist craft techniques. This allows Strassacker to fulfill the most diverse of customer requirements. With an international reputation and subsidiaries around the world, Strassacker is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our customers include: stone masons, artists, sculptors, art collectors, architects, local authorities and businesses.

If you want play a part in shaping our future, then we want to hear from you. One thing we know to be true: our employees are the key to our success!