Bronze lettering

Reliefs and plaques

Inscriptions thousands of years old arouse a deep fascination in us all - and bronze is an especially suitable medium. Professionally designed lettering produces a single unit comprising the external form and text content. The more personal the selected text and the way it is creatively interpreted, the more individual the artistic outcome.

Specially trained lettering designers in the Strassacker ateliers design, create and realize individual customer requests perfectly in terms of craftsmanship and technology.

Custom lettering

Strassacker realizes lettering of all shapes and sizes for the interior and exterior of buildings. From single letters to complete logos, we design and realize lettering to your specifications. We are experts in using all of the following materials:

  • Bronze
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

Text and lettering design in various typefaces evolves into modeled reliefs, emblems or portraits that, through the medium of bronze, are transformed into witnesses of our time.

Our specialists are happy to advise on lettering design and on selecting your perfect material. We are available by email or phone to help with questions and requests.

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Andreas Friedel

Andreas Friedel
Art and Architecture