Reinhard Verstege

When Reinhard Verstege finished his high school, years he focused on becoming a sculptor. After learning the craft, he worked in this field for 5 1/2 years. From 1960, he studied with Ernst Rülke at the Master School of wood sculpting in Stuttgart. He competed this with a final master's examination, after this he continued his studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts (Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste) in Stuttgart under the tutelage of Christoph Schellenberg.

Since 1964, Reinhard Verstege has been working as a freelance sculptor. His area of ​​responsibility extends from the large sculptures on the relief design to small-scale sculptures. His preferred materials are bronze, wood and stone. Verstege sees sculptures as his artistic credo; they must be alive and stand out with soothing clarity and power of both the omnipresent schematic.

Exhibitions (selection):

1970 Bildhauer Kraft Erstes Deutsches Holzsymposium, Festenburg

1988 Volksbank Oer-Erkenschwick

1989 Messe Cast-Art 1 – Kunst in Guss, Düsseldorf

1992 Raiffeisenbank Sillenbruch, Stuttgart

1994 Messe Cast-Art 2 – Kunst in Guss, Düsseldorf

1995 Filderbank Stuttgart

2005 Erstes Internationales Künstlersymposium der Gießerei Strassacker, Süssen

2006 Gemeindehaus St. Michael, Stuttgart

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