Erwin A. Schinzel

Born in Jägerndorf in Sudetenland on October 24, 1919.

Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin and attended master classes of Professor A. Breker and Professor Scheibe. 

Educational trips to Italy and Greece.

His works have been displayed in a large number of individual and collective exhibitions, as well as international exhibitions.

Purchases by public and well-known private art collections – such as the Royal House of Spain; 
Art Collection Kaltenbach – Dr. Eßer – Polysius – Prof. Dr. Walter.

Is professor at the International Academy of Fine Arts in Altenburg.

Awarded the 'Pygmalion Medal' of the German Art Foundation of Business.

'Gold Medal Recherche de Qualité'. Ordre de Saint Fortunat.
'Golden Ring of Honor for Fine Art'. Deutsches Kulturwerk Europäischen Geistes.

Literature: pictorial volume 'Der Bildhauer Erwin A. Schinzel'. 482 pages with 471 illustrations.

Lives as free-lance artist in Waldbronn-Reichenbach.


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